How does Ping Monitor work?

Ping Monitor uses “intelligent listening” to monitor for blade defects.

The technology continuously listens and analyses the sound generated by any damage on wind turbine blades to detect defects.

There are two versions of Ping Monitor. Ping Monitor 1.0 is available to purchase now. In this version, data is collected, manually uploaded and processed via Ping Cloud.

Ping Monitor 2.0 – which will be available August 2019 – uses satellite communication and solar power for continuous monitoring. A manual upload of data from the device to Ping Cloud is not needed in this version.

What does the Ping Cloud look like?

Ping Cloud uses a simple and easy to use dashboard which lets you quickly review and analyse results and identify which turbines may require maintenance. See below screenshots and mock-ups of Ping Cloud.

What type of damage can Ping Monitor detect?

Ping Monitor can detect cracks (including root cracks), splits, holes, pitting and lightening damage.

Will the device replace drones, photographs and/or other existing methods of inspection?

Ping Monitor doesn’t replace existing methods. It does, however, remove the need to spend time and money using these methods for turbines where there are no blade issues.

We call this targeted or optimised inspection.

Ping Monitor allows for detailed targeted inspections for those turbines where Ping Monitor has alerted you to a problem.

How much is it?

The Ping Monitor is a fraction of your current maintenance costs. Contact us and we can give you an instant quote.

How many ping monitors do we need?

We recommend one Ping Monitor device per turbine.

How big is it?

The device is 250mm in diameter.

What does it look like?

Below is an image of Ping Monitor 2.0.

How is it installed?

There are two very simple ways to install the device. The first method is by using a magnetic mount, where the device fixes directly to the wind turbine’s base. Once purchased, the unit is shipped and technicians can install and turn on monitoring instantaneously with minimal installation.

Alternatively, the device can be fixed to a post 30m from the tower. Again, this can be done by your team on site and doesn’t need any specialist technicians.

Ping Monitor 1.0 can be placed on the ground where there are no issues with cattle or human interaction.

What is the output of the system? 

The Ping System indicates which turbines across your fleet have damage. With this continuously updated information you can then decide which turbines will need attention. The system uses the standard 0 to 5 rating system where 0 requires no action and 5 require urgent action.

Can it be used on offshore wind turbines? 

Yes, it can. Please contact us if you would like more information on how to install monitors on an offshore turbine. The marine version will be available later in 2019.

Where does data get uploaded?

Data is uploaded via the cloud service. Customers are given their own login and dashboard for easy monitoring and can access information 24/7. Daily results are presented.   

Is it currently available?

Yes, Ping Monitor 1.0 is available now. Ping Monitor 2.0 is being released August 2019.

What maintenance does the Ping Monitor need?

Ping Monitor 2.0 (August 2019)  is not connected to external power or communications and has a solar panel which maintains battery charge. The device will be almost maintenance free. The wind shield cover will need to be changed once every couple of years.

Who makes Ping Monitor?

Ping Monitor was designed, built and has been commercialised by a team of world-class engineers led by business leader Matthew Stead and Chief Technology Officer, Jon Cooper, in Australia.

I have more questions. Who should I ask?

For more information contact us at info@ping.services.