Make Smarter Blade Decisions

Wind turbine blades have an acoustic signature. We record changes in this signature to continuously monitor the health of your wind turbine blades and use advanced acoustic analysis to detect damage.

Continuous data to make smarter wind turbine blade decisions
Real-time Blade Health

Monitor wind turbine blade health in real-time from any device.

Improve Performance

Accurate data means less turbine down time and improved performance.

Detect Damage Earlier

Detect blade defects before they escalate and become costly.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Continuous monitoring is more efficient than annual inspections.

Remote Analysis

Cloud-based data for off-site analysis and monitoring.


Create your own custom notifications to keep everyone informed.

Blade Damage Detection Technology

Ping analyses the sound from wind turbine blades to detect damage. The acoustic signature from a damaged blade is clearly different from a blade with no damage. Differences in the acoustic signature are caused by irregularities on the blade’s surface creating noise as the air moves over the blade surface.


In blind tests, we have successfully identified which turbines were most damaged.


Automatically notify key stakeholders which turbines to inspect.

Signal with no blade damage Acoustic Blade Signature normal Signal with blade damage Acoustic Blade Signature damaged
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Discover which blades have damage.

In a blind trial we were asked to identify which turbines were most damaged. Some of the turbines had significant damage but were still operational, some had relatively minor root crack damage that required repair and the rest had no known damage. Ping successfully identified which of the turbines had the most, least, and no damage.


No wind-blade sensors.

Sure, it'd be great if we could put sensors in each blade, but that approach is expensive & impractical. Instead, at Ping we magnetically attach one device to the base of each wind turbine tower, and detect damage by analysing changes in sound generated by the blade surface moving through the air.

Discover wind turbine blade damage early